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I.MX6Q first strat boot fail log!

Question asked by tommy duan on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by igorpadykov

Sometimes the system doesn't work when we first turn on the electricity!The UART LOG as follows,Can you tell me why?

  • It's ok to power up again after failing to start!

  • (180815_14:09:34.776)mxc_free_frame_buf cam->frame[i].vaddress = 0x0
    (180815_14:09:34.793)mxc_free_frame_buf cam->frame[i].vaddress = 0x0
    (180815_14:09:34.908)init: Starting service 'bootanim'...
    (180815_14:09:36.983)capability: warning: `Thread-6' uses 32-bit capabilities (legacy support in use)
    (180815_14:09:39.321)zram: 429 (system_server) Attribute mem_used_total (and others) will be removed. See zram documentation.