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S32K116(EVAL) - EEE Write access / Partitioning under OpenSDA / P&E

Question asked by Sascha Pfengler on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by Sascha Pfengler

Hello NXP!


I am having difficulties when trying to debug with said debug configuration in conjunction with EEE-Write accesses and Flash partitioning.

* Tested with S32 Design studio (gcc) (Issues 1 + 2) and IAR workbench (IAR compiler) (Issue 2)

* Used S32K116 - Example project as basis for S32DS

* Used NXP flash drivers (Issues 1 + 2)



1) Partitioning in SW

Target is empty / completly erased and You want to use NXP flash driver FLASH_DRV_DEFlashPartition in order to partition while debugging.

If You do not place a breakpoint within FLASH_DRV_DEFlashPartition(), it breaks debugging (don't know if program counter runs amok or something else happens, but You have to leave debug session and restart it).


2) Writing to EEE

If You do not step through every single copy-step (1/2/4 byte at a time), but try to step over FLASH_DRV_EEEWrite() instead, debug process does not work anymore and You have to start a new debug session.

If I perform each indiviual 4/2/1 - byte copy steps, EEE works (Retains new data after removing power and powering on again).

(Read accesses to EEE work just fine)


Debugging including write access to EEE is pratically impossible this way.

Has anyone else had the same experience?

Is it the OpenSDA/P&E drivers causing this?