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Is Murata's LBEE6ZZ1FD (BCM89359) wifi bluetooth module supported with the iMX.8 QuadMax MEK?

Question asked by Mustafa Ozcelikors on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2019 by pual lin

Hello all,


I've been trying to set up  Murata's LBEE6ZZ1FD module with i.MX8QuadMax Multisensory Enablement Kit. The kit came with LBEE6ZZ1FD. However, release notes from IMXPRERELEASE page state that the officially supported wifi & bluetooth board is Qualcomm QCA6174. (So, I assume the firmware involves ATH10k/QCA6174 drivers already)


Trying to install LBEE6ZZ1FD's BCM89359 firmware to linux, release note says extra efforts might be needed, - hence, limited access board support packages-, I've integrated firmware-bcmd-1.363.22.bin to yocto from an external website and successfully installed it to /lib/firmware/bcm.


Still no sign of any driver messages (dmesg), nor any sign of bluetooth device recognition through hciconfig.


Digging through information, I found Murata's partnership with iMX, I came across a User Guide from Murata. Device trees, kernel images and firmware are given for several boards (iMX6s and iMX7s), but not for the iMX.8 QuadMax MEK (prerelease).


Do I need to wait for the official release to be able to use this module? This might be Murata's concern, but I want to see if NXP community faces the same issue. If anybody from NXP could enlighten, that would save us some time.


Thanks in advance.