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K64FX512 Flash Programming failing randomly

Question asked by Daniel Caetano on Aug 13, 2018
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I am using KSDK2.0 and trying to write and read some data to the last sector of the PFlash (0x0007F000).


The relevant code looks something like:




static flash_config_t BOOTFLASH_flashDriver;


memset(&BOOTFLASH_flashDriver, 0, sizeof(flash_config_t));

result = FLASH_Init(&BOOTFLASH_flashDriver);


FLASH_Erase(&BOOTFLASH_flashDriver, BOOTFLASH_ADDRESS,0x1000, kFLASH_apiEraseKey);

FLASH_Program(&BOOTFLASH_flashDriver, BOOTFLASH_ADDRESS,(uint32_t *) BOOTFLASH_RamCopy, 0x140);


What happens is sometimes it writes correctly and I can read the contents just fine, other times it causes a reset in the middle of the "while (lengthInBytes > 0)" block in FLASH_Program.


I tried disabling interrupts during the execution of FLASH_Program and removing the watchdog, but the behaviour persists and is unpredictable. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to tackle this issue?


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