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I.MX6S system hand-up and can resume after sometimes

Question asked by he wang on Aug 13, 2018
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we are use i.mx6s chip.linux vesion linux3.0.35.

Our products  can work well.But when make it to work no stop.Sometimes the system hand-up for 24 minutes(more) or 20 or 13 minutes(less). My system log printk level is  4,But when this problem happens,system print nothing unusual.No alarm&no warming.

During this time,the rootfs we can not operate by uart,the display on the panel is hold.

After the time(24 or 20 or 13 ,minutes),the system resume to normal,our product work well.

The problem's chance is not high,sometimes one day,sometimes 7days,sometimes very long.

Can you help me,thanks very much!