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i.MX7D: USB host only without supply 5V to USB_OTG_VBUS

Question asked by DINH HUY on Aug 13, 2018
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I'm design device of i.MX7D as a USB host only (USB_OTG2), which connect to an MCU as a USB device in same PCB board. The USB signal runs without 5V of USB.

USB_OTG2 has delicated pin:

  • USB_OTG2_DP/DN:  Connect to MCU USB PD/DN
  • USB_OTG2_ID:         Tie to GND by 10k resistor for working as USB HOST
  • USB_OTG2_REXT:   Tie to GND by 200R resistor.
  • USB_OTG2_VBUS:   I don't now how to do with this pin in this case

Please guide me a solution for this case (I don't want to add an 5V power to pin USB_OTG_VBUS)


Thanks and best regards,

Dinh Huy