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Boot config: LCD1_DATAxx as fuse override input at power up

Question asked by DINH HUY on Aug 13, 2018
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I'm making new design with i.MX7D.

In my design, I do not use LCD1. So, I only connect to PU/PD resitors to configure boot at SDcard(SD1) or 8bit eMMC (SD3)

SDCard BOOT_CFG[15:12] = 0001; BOOT_CFG[11:10] = 00; BOOT_CFG[6:4] = 001

eMMC   BOOT_CFG[15:12] = 0010; BOOT_CFG[11:10] = 10; BOOT_CFG[6:4] = 010

I want to reduce number of resitors as few as possible,

External PU/PD resistor at only pin LCD1_DATA: 13 12 11 5 4, and other LCD1_DATA are floating

Is this solution ok?


Thanks and best regards,

Dinh Huy