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UCode DNA Chip Impedance

Question asked by Alan MAK on Aug 11, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by Alan MAK

Dear Sir/Madam


We are trying to design a transponder antenna, and we intend to use the UCode DNA chip.  We have downloaded the datasheet of the UCode DNA, but there is no chip impedance information.  What we can see from the official link

UCODE DNA|NXP , saying the antenna design benefit is 

  • Selected chip impedance enables re-use of antenna designs from UCODE 7

Therefore, we have downloaded the datasheet of UCode 7, and found the chip impedance of UCode 7 as 18-j245 (at 915 MHz) as the typical assembled impedance for antenna design.


My questions are, 

1. What is the chip impedance information for UCode DNA?

2. Is the chip impedance of UCode DNA similar to (or the same as) UCode 7?

3. Can I design an antenna based on the chip impedance information of Ucode 7, and so the antenna can work for both Ucode 7 and UCode DNA?