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Need Help to detect 3 NFC cards using CLRC663 plus

Question asked by hasmukh prajapati on Aug 11, 2018

Dear all,


We are using CLRC663 plus connected externally with the MCU over UART.  Using this CLRC663 plus reader we can detect two nfc type 2 tags simultaneously. Our requirement is to detect 3 nfc type 2 tags simultaneously.


When we are trying to detect 3 tags simultaneously, then we are getting 3 bytes of UID but our UID length is 7 bytes. After debugging more in code, we found that SAK length is coming 2 bytes after cascade level 1 which should be 1 byte only. 


We didn't want to use NFC reader library as it is creating a complexity in code for our HOST micro-controller as well as we are facing so many problems while porting the library on our HOST micro-controller. We have developed function routines to detect card and able to detect 2 cards simultaneously.


It would highly appreciated if we could get support to detect 3 multi-cards simultaneously.



Hasmukh Prajapati