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Does android8.1.3 compatible for both MX8MD and MX8MQ ?

Question asked by jiang yaqiang on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by jimmychan

Hi  :


I'm porting android8.1.3 to MX8MD. But feil to boot up uboot: mfgtool stop at "Jumping to OS image"(none log print out).


My platform is using DDR4, and the ddr_stress_test can pass 1000M to 1400M.

uboot config: I have tried both "mx8mq_evk_android_defconfig" and "imx8mq_ddr4_arm2_defconfig".

ddr4 firmware is from mx8m_ddr_tool_v1.0.

all others are default. and replace firmware/imx-boot-imx8mqevk-sd.bin-flash_evk after builded.


Is there anyone can help me ?


Best regards