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Location of software examples/snippets for nhs3100

Question asked by Till Ostermann on Aug 8, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2018 by Dries Moors



in the nhs3100 SDK file lib_chip_nss/inc/nfc_nss.h is a reference to 3 examples. Here is corresponding nfc_nss_example_1.c example:


 * @par Example 1 - Simple NDEF Message Write
 *  The below example demonstrates how a simple NDEF message can be written to the shared memory which can then be read
 *  by an external reader. Refer to @ref MODS_NSS_NDEFT2T for a simplified API to handle NDEF Messages.
 *  @snippet nfc_nss_example_1.c nfc_nss_example_1


How can I download this example? It seems to be not in the SDK.