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S32R274 UTEST Flash Programming

Question asked by jinjingyang Employee on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by Johnny Ng

I use the method in this link to program S32R274 UTEST Flash:

HOWTO: Program DCF record into UTEST flash in S32 Design Studio for Power 

I downloaded the S32R274 UTEST Flash algorithm file "NXP_S32R274_1x32x4k_UTest.pcp".

Tried to program the UTEST Flash with an S19 file which includes only one line:


But failed, and the console message in S32DS during the process is as following:


Connection from "" via
Copyright 2017 P&E Microcomputer Systems,Inc.
Command Line :E:\Program\NXP\S32DS_Power_v2017.R1\eclipse\plugins\com.pemicro.debug.gdbjtag.ppc_1.7.2.201709281658\win32\pegdbserver_power_console -device=S32R274 -startserver -singlesession -serverport=7224 -gdbmiport=6224 -interface=USBMULTILINK -speed?


S32R274 Device detected.
Target has been RESET and is active.
CMD>CM E:\WorkSpace\S32R274.Power.2017.R1\NXP_S32R274_1x32x4k_UTest.pcp

S32R274 Device detected.

;version 1.08, 07/19/2017, Copyright P&E Microcomputer Systems, [5744P_577xK_UTest_16k]

;device NXP, S32R274, 1x32x4k, desc=UTest

;begin_cs device=$00400000, length=$00004000, ram=$40000000

Loading programming algorithm ...
Verifying object file CRC-16 to device ranges ...
block 00400900-0040090F ...
Calculated CRC-16 does not match block. (File = $FA7D, Device = $95B4)

Command is inactive for this .PCP file.
Error Erasing flash of device
Error occured during Flash programming.

Starting reset script (E:\Program\NXP\S32DS_Power_v2017.R1\eclipse\plugins\com.pemicro.debug.gdbjtag.ppc_1.7.2.201709281658\win32\gdi\P&E\s32e200_s32r274.mac) ...
REM This script is compatible with S32R274 devices.
REM Clean GPRs to remove residual data after using algorithm
REM Initialize all of the Main SRAM - 1536KB
Initializing RAM from $40000000 to $4017FFFF.

Reset script (E:\Program\NXP\S32DS_Power_v2017.R1\eclipse\plugins\com.pemicro.debug.gdbjtag.ppc_1.7.2.201709281658\win32\gdi\P&E\s32e200_s32r274.mac) completed.

S32R274 Device detected.
PE-ERROR: Error downloading to the device.
Disconnected from "" via
Target Disconnected.


I can program the DFlash with similar method. But failed to program UTEST Flash.

I'm able to program the UTEST flash with Lauterbach debugger.

But customer need P&E Multilink  or P&E Cyclone to program UTEST flash during mass production.

Do you have any idea what I can do next?