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Unable to Discover Cards PN7150

Question asked by Lucas Wilson on Aug 8, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by jimmychan

We have a design running a PN7150. We have had card emulation running in the past on this design but now i need to set up the device as a reader.


The software never returns a NFC_Success  for the following line in nfc_task.c

   while(NxpNci_WaitForDiscoveryNotification(&RfInterface) != NFC_SUCCESS);

and therefore never reaches 



the device constantly polls address 0x28 to read and returns a NAK as expected until a card is presented infront of the device

then IRQ goes high and the following is read (as seen in screenshot)

0x51 0x60 0x07 0x01

0x51 0xA1 

then IRQ goes low again

Could i get some assistance regarding this response and how to proceed.