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Question asked by Carlos Perez on Aug 8, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by Mark Butcher

Hi everyone,

I was working with MK22 controllers like MK22FN256VLL12 and using the KBOOT v2 without any problems.

I recently made a new board with similar part, MK22FX512VLQ12 but I have a few problems with the same bootloader.


First, I have a problem in the flash init routines, I have a hardfault and reset when try to access some flash registers that I think doesn't exists in this part, in the file fsl_flash.c, "FLASH_Init" routine, there are 2 lines:


config->PFlashAccessSegmentSize = kFLASH_AccessSegmentBase << FTFx->FACSS;
config->PFlashAccessSegmentCount = FTFx->FACSN;


If I comment these 2 lines, just to test the rest of the bootloader, like the usb interfase, there is another problem in the clock initiliazation because PLL and/or FLL are diferent in these controllers.


I think is possible to repair this routines, but I don't know if I'll have any other problems after that.


I want to know if there is some new version of this MCUBOOT with support for these parts, or if anyone have a modified version of this bootloader for this microcontroller.


I'm also using the KBOOT with the KDS IDE, but using MCUXPRESSO for all new projects, so it will be great to have this MCUBOOT for the MCUXPRESSO too.


Any help is greatly appreciated!!