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256MB x16 bit IFC nor flash interface with T2080

Question asked by Hua Kong on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2018 by alexander.yakovlev

Hi All


I am using T2080 in my application. I planned to connect MT28FW02GBBA1HPC-0AAT
nor flash(16bits 256MB) to the IFC bus. I planned to use x16 bit external latch for address/date demux application. How to interface this devices, My flash is having 27bit addressing.


 I have connected like this whether this will work ?


IFC_A[16:31]    ->    A[15:0]

[IFC_AD[5:15] -> latch -> A[26:16]

IFC_AD[0:15]    <->    DQ[15:0]

IFC_CS0#    ->    CE#

IFC_OE#        ->    OE#

IFC_WE0#    ->    WE#

IFC_WP0#    ->    WP#

IFC_RB0#    ->    R/B#

1.8V        ->    VIO

3.3V        ->    VCC