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Questions about NHS3152 & NHS3152UK!

Question asked by Hyenam JANG on Aug 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2019 by IvanRuiz


I'm interested in NHS3152 and NHS3152UK, and I have questions about these chips.

In my project, I need a NFC chip which can generate power from RFID and supply power to an external accelerometer.

Also, it should have input pin to get data from the accelerometer, and it should be able to send data to PC or Smartphone.


1) I read the datasheet of NHS3152, but I can't find a pin to supply power an external accelerometer. Which pin can I use?

2) If I buy NHS3152, I have to program for communication. Is there any device I should buy to program it? Also, which program should I use to program?

3) I want to buy NHS3152UK, but there is no stock in Asia. Where can I buy it quickly?

4) If I can't buy NHS3152UK, is there any chip which can do all things I mentioned and is smaller than it?