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Questions about MMZ09332BT1

Question asked by Guilherme Theis on Aug 7, 2018


I have been testing the MMZ09332BT1 and I will be using it in my application, I did some stress testing but I was not able to verify the PDC (ended up damaging the circuit in the stress testing). So here are my questions:


1) I would like to know if I can ground my PDC connection in my board design, thus making my PA to be biased all the time and then use an enable/disable for my VDD (which I can easily do with the DC/DC converter I am using).


2) I would like to know how to properly set a thermal dissipation in my board/for my PA


3) I would like to know if there is anyway I could get the information used to generate the evaluation board for this PA (433 MHz), about the stackup used for the board, the dielectric material, etc.


Best regards,


Guilherme Theis