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RT1050 QSPI Flash Program Issue (Using other QSPI flash and J-link)

Question asked by Yi-Yuan Ting on Aug 7, 2018

Hi, we are trying to program application code to QSPI flash of the RT1050 EVKB through J-link.

(J-Flash's version is v6.32h)

Currently we have two results:

(1) Program  EVKB on-board QSPI flash (IS25WP064 64Mbits) J-Flash through J-link → successfully.

(2) We change the QSPI flash to IS25LP512M (512Mbits) by reworking the EVKB. We changed the QSPI flash's supply voltage from 1.8V to 3.3V  and remove the hyper flash to avoid damage (because it just accept 1.8V)

→ In this case, J-flash failed to program the QSPI flash, and failed to erase it. 

(Our QSPI flash IS25LP512M is not included in the QSPI flash support list in AN12108 Page 22)


We thought the root cause may be in the J-link's driver for RT1050 QSPI (NXP_iMXRT105x_QSPI.elf), it may need to be customized to fit our QSPI flash, can we get supports?

Or, are there any other possible reasons for the falid result?   


Attachment is log file of J-flash program QSPI failed. (It failed in erasing step) 


Thanks a lot