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Ethernet on Z2 core

Question asked by Simon Roper on Aug 7, 2018

I have Ethernet ARP and UP running on the Z4_0 core of the MPC5748G.  I'd like to move the Ethernet processing to core Z2, leaving the Z4 for the main processing loop.  I'm happy to either have interrupts for received frames, or poll for them.  How do I map the Ethernet peripheral to the Z2 core? 


I'm using processor expert as it came with the ping example code, do I need a processor expert file for each core, and if so are they identical or only related to the peripherals used by that core?


I understand that core Z4_0 is boot and should do initialization then interrupts are mapped to the Z2 core, but I can't find the examples/documentation on how to do this.  Are you able to provide a basic example project for me to work from?