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RTI deadlock and stack overflow

Question asked by Jack Skidanov on Nov 21, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2008 by Jack Skidanov

Hi everybody, need help or advice.

Work with mc68hc912bc32 in Code Warrior ver. 5.5 without Processor Expert using C.

Have a problem - when RTI called my program become to a cycle in RTI procedure and never return to main procedure (but other interrupts work for some time). It seems like return vector rewrites to RTI procedure but not to last operation in main procedure in moment of RTI called. So RTI procedure becames as main and gets cycle in it all time. For some time of such working microcontroller's stack overflow! (in C! not assembler). All other interrupts work correctly, when I use assembler all is ok too. That's problem?

I've wrote little demonstration project, that also have this problem and put it here. Can you look to it? May be there is some error in initialization of RTI or some header file forget?

Thank you. If any questions ask me.