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Cannot read EBI data on MPC5675K

Question asked by Fabrizio De Felice on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by Fabrizio De Felice


I'm trying to read data from an FPGA device on the EBI. The FPGA uses multiplexed address/data with a 32 bit port size. I'm using a MPC5675KEVB473 with some flat cables connected on the EBI pins to the FPGA board. 

I checked the signals with the FPGA internal chip scope sampling the bus and everything is clean on the FPGA side, it correctly drives data on the bus. Also checking some lines (TA and some data bits) on the pins at the MPC sides with a signal oscilloscope seems ok, the FPGA correctly drives the bus. However from the debugger interface I can only see 0xFFFFFFFF on all the FPGA address space instead of the 0x03020100 pattern it is issuing. 

I've attached screenshots of the chip scope timing and the EBI configuration (in the screenshot SCY was configured to 4 clks). 

The CLKOUT is running at 1:8.