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K60 USB_LDD code fails enumeration when executing from FLASH

Question asked by George Smith on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by George Smith

I am using a custom board with the MK60DX256VLL10 running at 96 MHz.  The bareboard projects are built using CodeWarrior 11.0 and Processor Expert's USB_LDD component.  I have tried two different projects:  one is a CDC serial port, the other is a USB mass storage device.  The issue that I have is that both work correctly without any issues when I build for RAM and execute them using the debugger.  If I build (the exact same code) for flash and execute from the flash the enumeration process proceeds to the point where the PC sends the first setup packet for GET_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR.  There is no response from our board and usbtrace shows a USBD_STATUS_XACT_ERROR(0xC0000011) on the PC side.


Any ideas on what the problem could be?  Has this Processor Expert code ever been tested as a FLASH build on a similar processor/speed?


One other note, I have enabled the OnDeviceError event and never see any errors as far as the USB_LDD component is concerned.