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When system reboot PMIC will reset and SW2 will off

Question asked by victor Wang on Aug 5, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by igorpadykov

Hi Community,


I'm working on i.MX6 sabreSD DL with ubuntu 16.04.


I built image via Yocto Project.


Here is an issues that I'm dealing with.


  1. When I reboot the system, PMIC's SW2 which my hardware designed it to be EMMC power was set to low then to high.
    And I assumed that is the reason why machine cannot restart after ran "reboot" command.

I tried to trace code and I found that when user ran reboot command, driver will execute kernel_restart.

Inside kernel_restart it execute syscore_shutdown.

What syscore_shutdown do is as below.


void syscore_shutdown(void)
struct syscore_ops *ops;


list_for_each_entry_reverse(ops, &syscore_ops_list, node)
pr_err("PM: winmate victor PMIC not shutdown\n");
/*if (ops->shutdown) {
if (initcall_debug)
pr_info("PM: Calling %pF\n", ops->shutdown);
}*//*winmate victor try*/


I tried to mark out below part to avoid PMIC shutdown.

if (ops->shutdown) {
if (initcall_debug)
pr_info("PM: Calling %pF\n", ops->shutdown);


However SW2 still switched off.



  1. Why did SW2 be switched off when execute reboot command?
  2. How can I avoid the SW2 be switched off and on ?
  3. Would SW2 switch off when PMIC reboot then switch on again?
  4. If yes how can I avoid it? Or cannot?


Thanks in Advanced!