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Hardfault for i.MX RT1050 running aws_shadow_enet demo

Question asked by Andrew McCartney on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2019 by Lê Lợi

I've been trying out the RT1050 evk using AWS FreeRTOS and running the aws_shadow_enet demo application from the SDK. It connects properly to the Amazon Cloud with no issues, but will hardfault at random intervals from 30 minutes to over 24 hours. The hardfault is the same every time - CLOCK_ControlGate() at fsl_clock.h:979 0x0. This is while servicing an Ethernet IRQ. I have seen it happen during different tasks - IDLE, MQTT, Logging. Here is a snapshot of the backtrace (same every time).


Using the HEAP Usage plugin, I don't see any evidence that any of the tasks have overrun their task stack. 

Based on the backtrace, I am suspicious that it is jumping back into main() and getting confused because the stack for main() is re-used by the interrupt handlers in FreeRTOS. 


Has anyone else seen anything like this on the RT1050?