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FRDM-K64F as external target programming interface with OpenSDA/DAPLink

Question asked by martin mignone on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by martin mignone

Hello to the community.


The situation is as follows:


Objetive: flash program a custom board with MK20DX256VLL7 Kinetis Microcontroller.

Resource: FRDM-K64F using the MSD drag&drop DAPLink application with OpenSDA V2 (with the hardware modifications to allow external target programming already done).


The FRDM-K64F succcesfully programmed an external K64FN1M0VLL12 in a custom board with an image file (.bin) generated in KDS V3.0 with KSDK V1.2, so the OpenSDA and DAPLink application is working well.


The problem is when I try to program the K20 mentioned above. After I copy the .bin image for the K20, the DAPLink unmount y re-mounts itself with a FAIL.TXT file, which contains the following sentence: FLASH algorithm write command FAILURE. I tried generating the ".bin" file for the K20 in many different ways, using Code Warrior 10.5, using KDS 3.0, elf/hex to bin converter tools, etc: nothing seems to work, always the same error.


I have tried with other versions of the OpenSDA too, with no luck.


So, here the questions:


1) Have anyone achieve to program an external K20 target using OpenSDA/DAPLink with a FRDM-K64F board? If the answer is yes, how do you proceed?

2) Does the OpenSDA/DAPLink support flash programming a K20DX256VLL7 microcontroller? Where can i find a list of supported devices?


Any help will be appreciated.



Martin Mignone