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Communication Problems with SPI and PN5120A0HN1/C1

Question asked by T K on Aug 3, 2018
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I want to use SPI for the communication between my dsPIC30F6015 and my PN512 module.

The Problem is, that the communication over SPI does not work.


I connected the MISO, MOSI, NSS and SCK to the Pins, which are described at page 69 in the datasheet.

When I try to read the Registers via SPI, then I send the following data:


When I want to read Register 0x00 (PageReg), then I send an 0x80.

Bit 7 is set to 1 and all other Bits are set to 0.


When I want to read Register 0x01 (CommandReg), then I send an 0x82.


I try to read the other Registers like that, but the module does not return the expected reset value. (Except for page 0x00 and all other pages where the reset value is 0x00.)

The module does not answer at all.

So I looked at the MOSI, MISO, SCK and NSS Pins with an oscilloscope.

MOSI, SCK and NSS seem to work well.

But the MISO Pin is always on Low.


When I communicate with other SPI-devices on the same SPI-bus, then they work well and I get a signal on the MISO PIN. 

This is why I am sure, that the MISO Pin is not shorted to GND.


Also I tried all SPI modes and configurations.


I am using a PN5120A0HN1/C1 in the HVQFN-32 package.

Did anyone have similar Problems with this device, or an idea to help me.


Thanks in advance,