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No UDP Packet are sent (MPC5748g DEVKIT board)

Question asked by Raphael Djondo on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by Albert Chang



I have started to use the MPC5748G_SDK_Z4_0_GCC with Processor Expert (with NXP S32 Design Studio).

I have generated the Processor Expert code after adding the ENET Component to the project.

Unfortunately, when I execute this project, no UDP packets are sent at all from the MPC5748g DEVKIT board : I am sniffing the Ethernet traffic with a different PC in promiscuous mode and I can see that no UDP packets are sent. Also, the LED on the Ethernet connector is not blinking when I running it.


Is there a particular GPIO configuration to set to allow packets to be sent ? If so, how to set it correctly through Processor expert?



main function configuring the Ethernet driver.