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Question asked by erhuo xu on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2019 by 志林 韩

硬件平台:imx6ul +256DDR(单颗) +nand flash 128M

软件:3.14.38内核+UBI 文件系统




优化方案1. enable the MMU and SDMA in uboot

优化方案2. 看一下你们的NAND支持EDO模式吗?如果支持,请按下面的方法去做,可以提升30%

Some NAND flash support the EDO feature, according to the device feature mode, the NAND flash can be set different clock frequency.  Here will describe how to calculate the NAND working clock.

   The NAND clock is divider from the GPMI source clock, can be program in setup_gpmi_nand().  The  divider was configured in register GPMI_TIMING0, the NAND clock can get from the following:



   NAND Clock will affect the speed a lot, for the NAND chipsets which support the EDO, the nand speed will be set automatically. For those doesn’t support EDO NAND chip, the usr should take care those setting manually. There is also a patch for enable EDO mode and set NAND clock automatically.



    Besides above, there are two other patches to improve the speed about 30%, 0009-For-nand-page-align-read-include-read-offset-and-siz.patch enabled the cache read(Note: please make sure the NAND chipset support cache read), it will reduce the unnecessary command transfer between the CPU and NAND, 0010-If-possible-directly-use-user-buffer-as-BCH-nand-buf.patch remove some unnecessary memcpy.



以上是工程师获得的回复,现在想问下 0008-NAND-configure-as-EDO-mode-5.patch, 0009-For-nand-page-align-read-include-read-offset-and-siz.patch以及0010-If-possible-directly-use-user-buffer-as-BCH-nand-buf.patch这三个补丁哪里可以找到?