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SDK 2.4 Builds for MK22FN1M0

Question asked by RANDY LEE on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by Alice_Yang

I'm attempting to use the SDK builders for MCUExpresso ( and have run into an oddity here:


I've got a project that uses the MK22FN512 part.  That has everything I need for it including Amazons FreeRTOS (10.x) and emWin and all the other stuff.  Good deal.


Having problems finding actual chips to buy here so I figure, no problem, I'll switch up to the MK22GN1M0[A] parts which I've used prior.  Shouldn't be a problem to move up like that.


BUT, I can get the part in the selector. I can get the tool set to use, no problem.  Only has FreeRTOS 9.x (I think) and can't select emWin or a pile of other things.


That strikes me as really strange since these are very, very similar parts.  Why would this thing not allow certain modules on it and do downlevel ones for others.