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MPC5746R TCRCLK loopback and IGF

Question asked by James Murray on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by James Murray

As I understand it, the eTPU angle-clock input can only come from TCRCLK, not eTPU0 ? These are often on the same physical pin, but require a different mux setting. 576 vs. 512.


If this is correct, then it seems that it is not possible to route PC7 -> IGF -> TCRCLK ?  The input mux spreadsheet only lists physical pads as options for TCRCLK.


Likewise is there any way to "loopback" into the TCRCLK input to drive it and the angle-clock from software e.g. a simulator. I know I could physically connect two processor pins and swap the input mux to that second input, but this seems like a brute force method that I would rather avoid.