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Remote WAKE up request for TJA1043

Question asked by Sagar Kanade on Aug 2, 2018


How to wake up the TJA1043 CAN transciever using the CAN Frame? WAKE pin is grounded.

7.2.4 Wake flag
The Wake flag is set when the transceiver detects a local or remote wake-up request. A local wake-up request is detected when the logic level on pin WAKE changes, and the new level remains stable for at least twake. A remote wake-up request is triggered by two bus dominant states of at least twake(busdom), with the first dominant state followed by a recessive state of at least twake(busrec) (provided the complete dominant-recessive-dominant pattern is completed within tto(wake)bus). The Wake flag can be set in Standby mode, Go-to-Sleep mode or Sleep mode. Setting the Wake flag clears the UVNOM flag and timers. Once set, the Wake flag status is immediately available on pins ERR_N and RXD (provided VIO and VBAT are present). This flag is also set at power-on and cleared when the UVNOM flag is set or the transceiver enters Normal mode. 


How remote wake up request is triggered? 


Thanks in advance!

Sagar K