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Loading S28 and S19 files in hiwave 6.1

Question asked by Jacek Czarski on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by Edward Karpicz

Processor MC9S12DP512, interface PE Micro.


I have a third party S28 file which I can load and program successfully from "Load Executable File" window ("Automatically erase..." and "Verify..." boxes checked). The device works OK after programming. I created a S19 file using SAVE command from the command window (and edited it deleting all blank sections). When I use this file to program the device (no errors during programming and verification) it doesn't work. However, when I execute SAVE again, the memory content is identical as after programming using S28 file.

Project.ini contains line "SRECISHCS12LINEARADR=1"

What's wrong?


All answers welcome, thanks.