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JN-SW-4163 SDK (tsJPT_PT_Packet)

Question asked by kevin zhu on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

Dear NXP Support Team,


In my knowledge, in most cases, for example zigbee packets send at 10 dBm and receiver put at 20 meters distance away, zigbee RSSI  value is very likely to be a negative value, e.g. -50 dBm. But the RSSI value u8RSSI in struct tsJPT_PT_Packet  is always a positive value like 70, 80. I am confused about this value. Could you explain the exact meaning of u8Energy, u8SQI, u8LQI and u8RSSI? How to calculate the "negative RSSI value"?


typedef struct {
    bool_t bPacketGood;
    uint16 u16FrameControl;
    uint16 u16SourceShortAddress;
    uint16 u16DestinationShortAddress;
    uint64 u64SourceExtendedAddress;
    uint64 u64DestinationExtendedAddress;
    uint16 u16SourcePanID;
    uint16 u16DestinationPanID;
    uint8 u8PayloadLength;
    uint8 u8Payload[127] __attribute__ ((aligned (4)));
    uint8 u8Energy;
    uint8 u8SQI;
    uint8 u8SequenceNumber;
    uint8 u8LQI;
    uint8 u8RSSI;
} tsJPT_PT_Packet ;




Kevin Zhu