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RTI stops working on MC9S12XEP100

Discussion created by Lakshman Rao on Nov 20, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2008 by Lakshman Rao
I have the RTI running successfully in my boot main configured for 1.024 ms. I use the following  to set it
  RTICTL = 0x1F; /* set RTI prescaler */
  CRGINT = 0x80;  /* enable RTI interrupts */
  CRGFLG = 0x80;  /* clear any pending RTIF */
Then, I use a unconditional jump to the application main where again RTI gets re configured to approx. 10 ms
RTICTL = 0x59;
Also, before the above, the chip gets configured to NORMAL EXPANDED mode.
Even here the RTI works fine.
Again, when I jump from application to my boot main back, (the first code set again gets executed), the RTI stops working.Other interrupts work fine.I have set my IVBR register properly
However if I do a hard reset to return to boot main  instead of jumping, the RTI works perfectly
In both the boot and appl, I am setting up the PLL clock to 40Mhz
I am at a loss to findout what am I missing out here, any initializations to be taken care of.
please advice.
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