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probelem about vpu_wrapper on i.mx6 Quad/DualLite

Question asked by yu J on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by yu J

I am using i.mx6 Quad/DualLite to make a video codec through vpu, I know imx vpu lib, but it's difficult to understand and use it, today I found a high-level API, but it needs vpu_wrapper.h, so there is the problem, I can't find vpu_wrapper on system, so I found a copy on github, but it has several problems, some variables has not been defined.

so I want to know if i.mx6 Quad/DualLite can use vpu_wrapper, I think the answer is sure, but as a newbie to i.mx6, I can't understand all of this.


GitHub - Freescale/libimxvpuapi: i.MX VPU API Library    this is the high-level api i said.

freescale_omx_framework/OpenMAXIL/src/component/vpu_wrapper at master · finallyshen/freescale_omx_framework · GitHub   this is vpu_wrapper I found


the first pic is my i.mx6 Quad/DualLite bord.

the second pic is the result to compile the high-level api example, I wrote the makefile but not use waf.

the third pic is  enum variables in vpu_wrapper.h, but there is no VPU_DEC_RESOLUTION_CHANGED,

actually there are 6 variables like VPU_DEC_RESOLUTION_CHANGED that not defined.


If sombody can figure me out the vpu_wrapper preblem, thanks very much.