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Question asked by karim bakir on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by Victor Linnik

I have custom board  using imx8qxp mek board and I have in my board external NAND chip with 64 page . Also no boot switches match booting from NAND with 64 page . 


I dumped all fuses values in my board using uboot command :

#fuse read 0 0 0x10C 


So I have to burn eFuses to boot from NAND with 64 page , I check in the data sheet and I found i have to write in word 2 block 0 ,so I want to know is the following values is the correct value to boot form NAND with 64 page so I just run the following command in uboot :

#fuse prog -y 0 2 0x3001000A

//bank=0 word=2 value=0x3001000A (override NAND pages in block && configure 64 page per block ) .


Also I need to know Do i need to configure BT_MODE_FUSES [5:0] ?