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error while building the target

Question asked by VENKATESH JANGALA on Jul 31, 2018

I am writing an application to my project using LPC1768 board in Keil 4.

I am using ADC & UART peripheral for this SystemCoreClock to get the clock signal for ADC & UART.

I include all the supporting files


system_LPC17xx.c file

startup file.

but still im getting an error shown below.



Build target 'Target 1'
compiling uart1.c...
uart1.c(228): error: #20: identifier "SystemCoreClock" is undefined
uart1.c(275): error: #20: identifier "SystemCoreClock" is undefined
uart1.c(320): error: #20: identifier "SystemCoreClock" is undefined


I checked all the file whether I include all the files or not. All the flies are set properly.

please solve my issues.