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ntuple filtering for steering network flows in QorLQ

Question asked by Ashish gupta on Jul 30, 2018

I am using P2020 QorIQ Processor and would like to filter receive packets in NIC. The NXP driver for NIC card we are using is from linux open source present in drivers\net\ethernet\freescale\gianfar_ethtool.c

Looking at source code of gianfar_ethtool.c in gfar_ethtool_ops indicates the driver does not support .set_rx_ntuple


ethtool support the feature to filter rx packets using command:

ethtool --config-ntuple eth4 flow-type udp4 src-ip m action -1



Please guide if i am looking at the right place to get latest NXP NIC driver. Is there is a new version of driver source code in NXP repository which i can use?