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No valid url for imx-gpu-viv_6.2.4.p0.4-aarch32

Question asked by Moorthy Baskar on Jul 31, 2018

I'm trying to build 32-bit rootfs on imx8mq-evk board by referring 64-bit machine configuration. Created a new machine configuration (imx8mqevk32) for 32-bit with cortexa9thf-neon TUNE SETTINGS where linux kernel provider pointed to "linux-dummy" (boot loader and linux-imx kernel are used from 64-bit build). While building imx-gpu-viv recipe, the source URL points to which is invalid and shows "page not found" on trying from browser. Below given yocto environment is used and it has only one recipe for aarch32.


Yocto environment:

Manifest URL - 

Branch - imx-linux-morty

Manifest - imx-4.9.51-8mq_ga-optee-demo.xml


The target build is from 

# source -b build-optee -d imx-xwayland-optee -m imx8mqevk32 -e

# bitbake fsl-image-validation-imx



1) For 32-bit EGL libraries on iMX8MQ, is this the correct recipe/version to proceed? If so, kindly provide the proper URL for imx-gpu-viv.

2) Is there any pre-built image / rootfs tarball to refer these EGL libraries which is released by NXP?