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I cannot use emWin examples problem

Question asked by Oscar Niño on Jul 30, 2018
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I using LPCXpresso54608 and LPCXpresso54018, I have been trying to run emWin examples from segger in emwin library emWin Segger 5.48. but I cannot do it. I think this is because of timing problems I mean:

when a windows callback is created in an example, this set a timer with WM_CreateTimer() function, this will call a event for this window( or widget ) to delete this window but it never happes, also when the function GUI_Delay() function is used in the forever loop (while, for) the program never get back. In the emWin User Guide & Reference Manual said that this funcion will call GUI_X_Delay() function but in emwin_support.c file this function es empty. Could any body help me I need to use some timer events and use of touch. By the away, about of touch; I suppose that the use if this code is the best way to hand it?

if (BOARD_Touch_Poll())


am I right?


Bounce.c aplication example is which I´m trying to run