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SPIFI doesn't work at cold boot/reset

Question asked by Greg Johnson on Jul 30, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by Greg Johnson

I am using the Embedded artists LPC4357 board.  I configure the system clock to 204MHz and the spifi clock (using the E divider) to 102MHz.  When running my code in the debugger, it works just fine.  I can read and execute from the SPIFI.  However, after performing a board reset or cold boot which loads and runs the code, accessing the SPIFI fails at the point that I set the E divisor to 2 (102MHz).  I've checked the datasheet for the qspi on the board (w25q16dv) and it says it's max freq is 104MHz. 


If i lower the spifi clock, it starts working again in both use cases mentioned above.

I am using the spifilib v1.14 under lpcxpresso v8.2.2


How can I get the SPIFI to work at 102MHz from cold boot?