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NFC_Reader_Library examples issues with CLEV6630A v2.0  (RedCard)

Question asked by dm pham on Jul 30, 2018
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My question is about what is the right example/demo for the CLEV6630A v2.0

(RedCard) purchased from this link:




With NXP NFC Cockpit v4.7.0.0, I can flash the board with the firmware

"BootLoader_And_Nfcrdlib_SimplifiedAPI_EMVCo_Secondary.bin" and then do some basic

operation like reading UID, testing LPCD mode etc



But, when I try examples from " NFC_Reader_Library"… It looks like that nothing

works as description in the following documents



CLRC663 Evaluation board quick start guide

Rev. 1.5 — 28 May 2018




CLRC663 Software Quick start guide

Rev. 2.7 — 17 January 2018



For the basic example " NfcrdlibEx1_BasicDiscoveryLoop" (and many other), the

programs get stuck somewhere at waiting for IRQ from mifare chip. The same

problem happens with other examples too.


The only debug text that I have at the console is " BasicDiscoveryLoop Example: "





So, do I need to do some more configurations ?  May I did something wrong ?


As default, as saying in document, example are done for CLEV6630B card (BlueCard)

with SPI config, RTOS or not RTOS.


The CLEV6630A is the same with CLEV6630B, only CLRC6630 is different.