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Zigbee Control Bridge (JN-AN-1222/1223) linking issues

Question asked by Malcolm Hand on Jul 30, 2018

I am trying to implement a Zigbee gateway with the NXP JN5169 usb dongle, and I keep getting this linking error messages when combining the AN1184 Coordinator/Router/EndDevice OBJ files with the ControlBridge OBJ files. Any help is really appreciated, Thanks


c: /nxp/bstudio/sdk/tools/ba-elf-ba2-r36379/bin/../lib/gcc/ba-elf/4.7.4/../../../../ba-elf/bin/Ld.exe: cannot open linker script file AppBuildZBPro_JN5169.Ld:No such file or directory


make: *** [ZigbeeNodeControlBridge_JN5169.elf] Error 1


I tried to find the linker file in the windows directory but I can only go to c: /nxp/bstudio/sdk/tools/ba-elf-ba2-r36379/bin/ before there are no more sub-directories available.