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Discussion created by Mario Centeno Employee on Jul 28, 2018

Hello i.MX RT Developers,


This message is to provide an update on GUI solutions for i.MX RT and give you insight into to the various options available for i.MX RT. 


In order to give you the most flexibility we have the following GUI solutions to best meet your needs:


  • Embedded Wizard is a solution that enables the creation of sophisticated GUIs for MCUs and MPUs. The GUI development is accelerated with the use of the built-in WYSIWYG editing facility, instant prototyping, simulating and debugging on PC.
  • Crank Storyboard Suite provides software developers and UI designers with an environment to quickly develop graphical user interfaces and easily deploy them to embedded targets.
  • SEGGER emWin - NXP has licensed SEGGER emWIN for use on any NXP MCU based on Arm Cortex(R) -M0, M3, M4 or M7 cores with no royalties to our end customers (for object code use).  Source code licenses are available directly from SEGGER. Beginning with MCUXpresso SDK v2.3, the NXP SDK now includes the SEGGER emWIN libraries with some basic examples.
  • Express Logic's GUIX STUDIO provides a complete embedded GUI application design environment, facilitating the creation and maintenance of all graphical elements in the application’s GUI. GUIX STUDIO automatically generates run-time C code.
  • MicroEJ Studio provides tools built on Eclipse for Software Application Development.  MicroEJ Studio allos application developers to write Java applications, run them on a virtual (simulated) or real device, and publish them to the MicroEJ store.
  • PEG - NXP provides GUI solutions for embedded devices. PEG(R) Pro, PEG Plus and PEG Lite product offering includes a GUI library for embedded development that works with real-time operating systems.


Thank you for the continued interest in i.MX RT and we look forward to seeing your products in the market.


Keep your eyes open for exciting new i.MX RT products coming soon!!!



Mario Centeno 

i.MX RT Product Marketing