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LPUART0 baudrate

Question asked by Grzegorz Mikitiuk on Jul 27, 2018
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I've got problem with setting baudrate highter than 9600.

Microcontroller : K82

Clock is internal fast oscillator 4MHz


According to this :

Baud Rate = LPUART ASYNCH Module Clock / (SBR[12:0] × (OSR+1))


If i set SBR at 13, and OSR at 31 i get almost  9600 and it works just fine but the problem starts when i want any higher baudrate, let's say i will set SBR at 3 and OSR at 31 and i should get something close to 41500 according to the formula but according to oscilloscope i get something close to 18000. It gets even worse when LPUART0 source is FLL.


Is there any script or software to get as close to standard baudrates or i need to find right numbers(dividers) by myself?


What am i missing? Where's the catch?