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Unable to create new configuration for processor

Question asked by Jahmai Turner on Jul 27, 2018


I am having great difficulties creating a new configuration for my uC. 


When I go to new - > Create new configuration for processor, board or kit, originally, I was selecting the processor config I need, which is the MK22FN1M0Axxx12.


However; upon clicking Finish, I get this error message:


"Disk operation error. Check disk space and write permissions for the data folder:

C:\ProgramData\Application Data\NXP\mcu_data_v4.1"


I've checked this folder's permissions, and I have plenty of disk space (101GB free). Also, having admin rights to the computer / use Run As Administrator option, same error message.


I am running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (potentially the root cause)

and I am running MCUXpresso Config Tools 4.1