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Use Reset Script File to configure MCU during download

Question asked by jinjingyang Employee on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by Jiri Kral

Dear Sir,

I'm using S32 Design Studio for NXP MCU S32R372.
For some reason, I need modify some peripherals registers within the 256ms time window after MCU reset.
I modified the reset script file "S32e200_s32r372.mac"
For example, I add the two lines so as to write to register at 0xFFFC0240 and at 0xFFFC1300:
This means set PTA[0] to output high.
mm.l 0xFFFC0240 0x02000000
mm.l 0xFFFC1300 0x01000000

I also modified the cflash algorithm file "Nxp_s32r372_1x32x328k_cflash.pcp".
Add the following two lines: (same meaning as above)

I saved these two files and start the debug/download process in S32DS.
I use an oscilloscope to monitor the RESET signal
I can see PTA[0] output high after RESET signal released to high.
So I think the script modifications work as I expected.

During the S32DS download process, I found that the mac file run twice and pcp file run once.
But there are totally 5 reset pulses observed on oscilloscope.
I attached the waveform figure I captured during the process.
1st reset with mac file, 2nd reset no script, 3rd reset with pcp file, 4th reset no script, 5th reset with mac file.

My questions are:
1) Can I have the manual or guide to show the available commands in mac file and pcp file?
2) Why are there 5 resets occurred during the debug process and 2 resets maybe run no scripts?
3) The delay between RESET release and the write operation to register is too long (more than 200ms).
How can I reduce the delay? I want to have the write operation run immediately after reset.