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MXC_V4L2 failure withour error

Question asked by Alexis Fronteau on Jul 26, 2018
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I am currently developing a camera with a Video Sensor + FPGA + IMX6Q with linux 3.14.52 on it.

I wrote a program to acquire images and it often succeed but sometimes (~1/10) I have no v4l2 buffer filled... it seems that the problem is on imx6 cause it appears even if i do not restart FPGA. I have no error, it acts like if there was no image received but I know the FPGA send ones. I use a MIPI connection. If I run the same simple program that just initialize v4l2 device multiple times, it will happens sometimes but works fine before and after, so I think the porblem is during v4l2 device intialization, maybe a scheduling isssue.


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