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How to support apache2 with CGI on I.MX6UL?

Question asked by Abhinandan . on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2020 by Ilan Ganor

Hi everyone,

I am working on an i.mx6ul board where I have to interface it with the web using Apache web server.

On my board, apache2 has been enabled and configured to work with regular HTML files, but the problem resides in enabling the CGI functionality on the web server. Currently, I am working with python CGI-script which has to be supported by the Apache web server hosted on the board.


   Can anyone please help me in configuring Apache web server on the board to support cgi-script or a way of enabling apache2+CGI.  I am using YOCTO project tool to build the custom Linux kernel image and using which I have enabled the apche2 as well. It would be helpful if there exists a possible solution which makes use of Bitbake( YOCTO build) or any other way through which I can run the CGI script on my custom board.