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Question asked by Haggui Souhail on Jul 26, 2018
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I am working with the flexcan driver and I would like to define a mask filter for individual MB. I foloww the next steps : Get thje default config and that enable the individual mask for MB. Afterthat I initialise the CAN driver and enable it. Until now I suppose that the flexcan is configured to work with individual maks. After that I configure the filter id to be 0x120 ( = FLEXCAN_ID_STD(0x120)), I ran theFLEXCAN_SetRxMbConfig(EXAMPLE_CAN, 9, &mbConfig, true)  function and in order to accept only MBs with IDs(0x120->0123) I set the mask to be 0x7FD with the following function FLEXCAN_SetRxIndividualMask(EXAMPLE_CAN, 9, FLEXCAN_ID_STD(0x7FD)). However when I test this on my eval board, it reveals that the mask is not working properly ! since it accepts only 0x120 and 0x122. Can you please help me with this issue. Attached is the program to receive from can. Thank you.